What to Wear to a Company Picnic

company picnic outfit
Photo from Polyvore.com
Oh yes, the dreaded company picnic. When the accountants mingle with the sales, and the CEO chats it up with the receptionist. Such a lovely (sometimes awkward) affair, seeing your co-workers out of their natural habitat -- their cubicles. But you gotta suck it up and do it, even if it means wasting using one of your Saturdays. So what the heck do you wear to these things?


You can't wear your normal work attire, the thought of a suit in the hot summer sun makes me sweat just thinking about it. You want to have a nice mix of casual, conservative, and stylish.

You may get asked to join in in the annual rope tug pull so forgo that cute summer dress you want to wear ... what happens when the other team lets go? It's all fun and games until someone flashes their undies to the boss man. Better play it safe and go with conservatively cute bermuda shorts (DKNY, $49.50).

Jane the secretary may be flaunting around in a skin tight, cleavage-exposing shirt, but come Monday morning, she'll also be the talk at the water cooler. Go with a loose-fitting blouse, like this one from Top Shop ($50) paired with a long tank in a fun spring color to peek just underneath, like persimmon, which was our Color of the Week this week.

Slip on a pair of cute espradrille wedges (Old Navy, $30) to complete the look and make sure you bring a big purse just in case Krusty the Clown entertained the kids with arts and crafts.

Have fun!

Is your company having a picnic this summer?

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