My Moto Jacket Obsession

Jessica Alba
Photo by Splash News
If Jessica Alba is doing it, you know it's hot.

J.Alb is hardly the first to sport this edgy moto look and I, for one, am loving it.

The motorcross jacket, or 'moto jacket,' is huge right now, which means that you can find reasonably priced versions all over the place.

I'm a big fan because for us, now is a great time to buy a tough-looking black leather jacket that will never go out of style.

Wear it over cargos and a t-shirt, a floral dress, or jeans, and you won't be messed with. This could be particularly valuable the next time you have to deal with a playground fracas involving the neighborhood bully.

Read on to see my favorite affordable moto finds ...



First, a quick lesson in how this look is being interpreted.

Christina Aguilera, $630
One retailer is using Christina Aguilera's photo to promote this Doma Leather Cropped Moto Jacket (Boutique to You, $630). I'm not generally happy with Xtina's fashion choices, but here's a rare exception. The moto jacket with jeans and a hoodie? Fabulous.


Singer22 Moto Jacket, $766
Here, Singer22 has put its Mike & Chris Dresden Moto Jacket (Singer22, $766) over basic crop khakis and a graphic tee. With a studded belt, this look is fierce. The price is also fierce. But before you pass moto jackets off as too expensive, hang on. I've got some that might just meet your budget.


Moto Jacket, $98
This (minus The) Leather Moto Jacket (Express, $98) is probably my favorite affordable version of the look. Totally simple and totally cool.


Moto Jacket, $49.99
This Snap Detailed Moto Jacket (Bebe, $49.99) is even more affordable.


Moto Jacket, $69
And for those of you in warmer climes, why not opt for Jessica Alba's look with this Leatherette Moto Vest (Bebe, $69)? And it's on sale for $39.99 if you buy it in white.

Looking for something even more inexpensive? Check out Old Navy's $34.50 cotton version of the Moto Jacket here.

What do you think of the moto jacket? ARE YOU TOUGH ENOUGH??!


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