11 Best Beauty Secrets Ever

makeup brushesI've gotten a lot of beauty advice over the years. From my mom. Friends. Magazines. I've worked on photo shoots where makeup artists are making models look gorgeous and picked up some great tips there, too. It's stuff we all need to know. Helpful stuff.

Here's a list of my 11 best beauty secrets and tips.

  1. Keep witch hazel in the fridge. Use as a toner to freshen skin, cleanse oils and dirt, and cool down in the summer. My sister's MIL has done this since she was young and her skin is flawless.
  2. Dark lipstick will make your lips look smaller. Go lighter. Go on! You'll look younger, too. Especially in the daylight.
  3. Use lip liner over your lip gloss. But not a really dark liner. You'll get just a hint of color and it will help the gloss stay on longer and it won't be as sticky.
  4. Shampoo only your crown -- every other day. You can go longer if you don't have oily hair. I skip shampoo every other shower -- only shampooing the front hairline where it gets the most oily. You don't want to strip hair of its natural oils, but you do want to keep it clean.
  5. I never skip conditioner. And I make sure to really soak the hair at the ends. For long hair, saturate hair at the ends to keep it hydrated and healthy, and use only a small amount, if any, at the roots on top.
  6. Never skip eye cream. Dry skin can make wrinkles more pronounced around the eyes and the massaging action will keep your peeps looking younger longer, too.
  7. Drink lots of water. Then drink more. This tip from Claudia Schiffer is a good one for your skin, nails, hair, and general health.
  8. When using a curling iron, don't clip hair in and curl. Instead, wrap hair around the entire iron. This will make your waves look more natural.
  9. To keep eyebrows in place, spray a tiny bit of hairspray onto an eyebrow brush and comb.
  10. Make shaving the last thing you do in the shower. Your pores are open, making the hairs more prepped to come off.
  11. Use body lotion on damp skin, as soon as you get out of the shower. It absorbs better, nourishing your skin better.

Now it's your turn ... because I know there are way more than 11 beauty secrets. Share yours!


Image via annia316/Flickr

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