5 Chemical-Free Beauty Brands You Must Own Instead of Those Toxic Ones

soapwalla body oilWhen I was talking to my mom about the chemicals in so many beauty products, she just wanted to know what brands she could buy that were toxin-free. And that's a tricky question because some product lines have very safe items, but they also have some icked up chemical-laden products, too.

So I did some searching for some product lines and products that are natural, and here are my favorites.


Soapwalla. I am going to start with the best. Rachel makes all these natural products in the Soapwalla kitchen. She created the company because she has lupus, and very sensitive skin. I met her at Brooklyn's (Makers) Market to buy more products from her after she sent me some samples I became obsessed with. I'm in love with her Deodorant Cream ($10) because I've never found an all-natural deodorant that worked. It's made with jojoba, rosehip seed, and tea tree oils, among other very natural ingredients, and it works wonders. I recommend everything from her line -- the Luxurious Moisturizing Body Oil smells amazing and isn't at all oily, and even though it's $25, you only need a tiny drop to do the job, so it will last.

soapwalla natural deodorant

Burt's Bees. What's great about this brand is that it is widely available. My favorite lipstick is Lip Shimmer in Fig ($5). It's minty, has a hint of color, keeps lips soft, and I don't have to worry if I kiss my babies with this on my lips.

burt's bees lip shimmer

Lavanila. The women behind the brand created it because they both got allergic reactions from the synthetic ingredients in many brands of perfume. They make baby products, lotions, washes, and perhaps best of all, a Healthy Sun Screen SPF 40 ($28).

lavanila natural sunscreen

Raw Essentials. Carol Alt, yes, the supermodel and raw food enthusiast, started a line of good for you, chemical-free products. They sent me the Raw-Finish Rigorous Face Scrub ($19.50) and after just finishing the bottle, I need to buy more.

raw carol alt

Nelsons. British brand Nelsons Pure & Clear is amazing. And it's the UK where the chemicals in cosmetic laws are stricter. And they know that you don't need to throw a bunch of chemicals on acne -- that, in fact, natural ingredients work a lot better in most cases and won't irritate your skin. They sent me the Balancing Toner ($8.21) to try and it's my new secret to freshening up my oily skin midday when I can't wash my face.

nelsons natural toner

Have you tried any of these lines yet? Have any others to add?


Images (top to bottom): Soapwalla; Soapwalla; Burt's Bees; Lavanila; Raw Essentials; Nelsons

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