Cork Sandals: Cheap & Chic

michael kors cork sandal
Zappos; $400
While cruising Zappos, as I tend to do, I found these cork sandals from Michael Kors (you know, top American designer, Michael Kors) and just had one thought: Want!

However, ahem, a pair of sandals for $400 is not going to happen this summer or probably any other.

As cork is the thing this summer, I was able to find a few other options that will satisfy my light and airy summer shoe needs, and at a fraction of the cost.


clark's cork sandal

Zappos; $40

Another Zappos find, these Clark's Salon Bliss sandals are also adorable and only $40 compared to the Kors. They still have that top strap in cork, which is not as common as all the cork-bottomed sandals out there.

payless cork sandal

Payless; $19.99

Even more affordable, this Maggie Softie Cork Wedgie from Payless. The lightness of the cork bottom is going to make you feel weightless, and you can still see enough of the cork peeking through to call it a seasonal "do." For only $19.99, I can get used to the black straps really quickly.


Michael Kors Cork Sandal ($400) -- Zappos

Clark's Salon Bliss Sandals ($40) -- Zappos

Maggie Softie Cork Wedgie ($19.99) -- Payless

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