Summer's Best Lipstick That Will Look Great On Anyone

Vanessa Paradis chanel ad
Photo from Chanel
I was flipping through a magazine and stopped on the ad for Rouge Coco, lipstick by Chanel, modeled by Vanessa Paradis -- the luckiest woman in the world, aka Johnny Depp's woman and mother of his two children.


Yeah, an ad. Not editorial. It was everything I wanted to look like.

The lighting. The lacy whatever she is wearing. The skin. The makeup. It's perfect for summer. And that lipstick!


It's Rouge Coco in Mademoiselle and it's $30. It's Chanel, so .... But it's that perfect not too bright, but just enough color with a hint of pink and berry without being not too much of either. It's the color of baby lips essentially, you know the lips we all once had up until we got old?

It's the kind of color that will look good on almost anyone. Except my dad. He looks bad in lipstick. The husband does, too, except that one time on Halloween ....

The rest of Vanessa's makeup is flawless as well. A clean face with a hint of a very light lilac shadow, a dusting of it under the eye as well, and mascara -- not clumpy, not severe, just right. 


What do you think of Vanessa Paradis' makeup?

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