Accessories We Love That Men Hate

oversized sunglasses; $20
MSN UK recently polled a bunch of men and asked them to give their opinion on what us ladies like to wear. Good thing I dress for me (and the occasional compliments from other women that can appreciate good fashion when they see it), because if I took to heart what these men think, I'd be tossing away half my closet. See what accessory trends the men in our lives would rather us not follow:

  • Headbands: A trend that's huge right now, whether it's feathered, tribal, or floral, headbands have become an accessory staple. But what do the men say? "Why would anyone choose to actively look like Bjorn Borg?"
  • Gladiator Sandals: What a chic fashion choice is to us is a Greek tragedy to them. "Please don't wear them. I will have to spend my summer desperately trying to block out a mental image of Russell Crowe in a loin cloth. I mean, he was bad enough in The Quick and the Dead."
  • Leggings: This one broke my heart the most because I'm constantly wearing leggings for most of the year. The boys say, "I am perplexed as to why women think it's cool to dress like Cyndi Lauper. Do girls really want to have fun? I think they would have a lot more if they removed their leggings." Yes, we do want to have fun, and leggings are fun.
  • Ugg Boots: So comfy, what are we to do without our Ugg boots? "Ugg boots, more like Uggly boots -- especially when worn with skinny jeans, it looks like your legs have been swapped for a pair of seven irons." Ouch.
  • Oversized Sunglasses: "You look like a human-size praying mantis walking towards me. Run away, run away ..." If you were faced with Nicole Richie, you can honestly say you'd run away? Doubt it. 
  • Fringing: "Now I am just thinking about Russell Crowe again, gah." Okay, now I can see their point on this trend, as I've already stated that I'm not a fan of the fringe.

They also didn't hold back with their thoughts on our clothes. Check out the rest of the list on MSN UK's site.

Does this make you second-guess your fashion picks or do you say to hell with them, you'll wear what you want?!

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