Readers Rock Some 'She's Still Got It' Looks

Looks Good from the Back
Photo from Looks Good from the Back
This is Adrien.

Adrien and her friend Marianne have a fantastic style blog called, Looks Good from the Back, which you should definitely check out.

I love this blog because Marianne & Adrien are two real women who write about fashion and what they are wearing that day.

I think looking at affordable clothes on two fashion-savvy real women is much more fun than looking at thousand dollar tops on size-0 models. Don't you agree?

Anyway, I had to show you this photo in particular, because look! Adrien's wearing one of those Summer Uniform dresses from LOFT we were all dying over a couple of weeks ago!

Doesn't she look great?

And she's not the only one I found wearing ideas featured here on She's Still Got It -- 

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Wet Seal Dress
Mandy in her Wet Seal Steals
This is Mandy. Chances are, you've seen her around here before. I've never met her in person, but I have a feeling she'd make a great shopping buddy.

Mandy picked up a few things from that incredible Wet Seal sale I wrote about a few weeks ago, including this dress and cardigan. Here's what she wrote about it:

I ordered this yellow dress and brown cardigan from Wet Seal during that crazy sale you posted. The dress is CRAZY thin (I had to wear two slips, and I don't have that kind of time to adjust them!!) so I'll probably have to sew a lining into it, but the outfit cost me about $19.50 and works well for work, so I can't complain too much! :)

I got this dress in two different colors and also found it to be very thin. The dresses were REALLY inexpensive, so I was just going to wear them as nightgowns. But Mandy has me thinking twice about that idea. She really made it work -- at work, no less!


Side Chignon
Mandy's Side Chignon
Mandy also wore a side chignon to work one day. I love it. I also love her necklace. This girl has style. She wrote:

Tried out the side chignon (sort of) for work on Friday because I was running late and it was a quick, different way to put my hair up. My hair is super straight, so really it's just a fancy-ish bun, but I still kind of love it! My hair is super-thin, so there's not a lot to work with, but this might just be a second go-to look (besides a french twist) for the future when my hair is damp and I don't have time to wear it down.

Thanks for sharing, Mandy!


Liberty of London Dress
Total Cost: $35
Finally, I had to share this photo with you because I realized when I wore this outfit last week that the entire thing came from She's Still Got It ideas. The dress is from Target's Liberty of London collection and was only $34.99. (Sadly, it's sold out now.) The shoes were from Ideeli, and with the credits I got from referring new members to the invitation-only shopping site, they were FREE!

I'd love to see some of your shopping finds and favorite outfits, whether you read about them here on She's Still Got It or not. Send your pics to or better yet, post them to the She's Still Got It Flickr group

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