How to Choose the Right Sunscreen

summer skin care
Flickr photo by Supagroova
The sun is out and I'm adding sunscreen to my daily skin routine -- are you? While I always thought anything was better than nothing, Jessica Wu, MD, says we all need to be much more careful than that when heading into the sun.

Instead of running to the drugstore and grabbing whatever is on the endcap, you actually need to take a long hard look at your skin and your daily habits before making any sunscreen decisions.

Luckily, there's a quiz at The Daily Glow to help you find out what skin type you have, and then a personalized tutorial in what kind of SPF to use and the best way to apply.


My favorite thing about this quiz is instead of asking you if you're fair, medium, or dark, they give you celebrity examples across the spectrum so you can say, "Hey! I look like that." This is especially helpful to me, as I'm part Native American so I think of myself as being somewhat dark, but I've lived in the city for so long the very pale part of my heritage has taken over.

Additionally the quiz drilled down to ask about my daily habits and answered my question about using my moisturizer and foundation that already has SPF as my sole sunscreen. (Sigh, it's not enough.).

Take the SPF quiz before you head out into the summer sun -- you'll be so happy you did when you look 50 when you're actually 75.


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