Daily Desire: Navel Ring

navel ring
Body Candy; $4.99
Now before you say, "What are you, in 1999?" allow me to explain that I've had my navel pierced since I was 16 (that was my big "rebellious" act as a child). So, yes, it was back in 1999.

I realize that a lot of adults look at navel rings on other adults as if they're trying to be teenagers. I've had my fair share of ridicule, even from friends, saying that I'm too old to wear a piece of jewelry in my belly button.


But you know what? I like it, so I've kept it. Not because I'm trying to be "sexy" or because I think it makes me look younger. I've kept it over the years because it's just my own personal taste. I don't wear those huge ones that dangle down the stomach, just a simple little jeweled barbell.

Unfortunately, during a soccer game over the weekend, my ring fell out while playing. I've had that same one for almost two years now and my tummy looks bare without the little shimmer of blue on it. I'm going to have to get a new one or "grow up," as my friends would say, and leave it out. Thinking I'm going to go with the former.

Sorry, just not ready to "grow up" yet.

Do you have a navel ring? If so, have you had people give you a hard time about it?

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