True Beauty Recap -- Can You Keep a Secret?

Photo by ABC
Every Tuesday morning I'll blog about last night's True Beauty episode. Ten contestants think they are competing in a beauty contest to be the "Face of Vegas," but they're secretly being judged on their inner beauty.

Last week, the contestants were judged on honesty as they had the chance to steal a clothing item for their wardrobe challenge. Ultimately, JD went home.

This week they're being judged on their ability to keep the secret of a magic trick that Penn and Teller taught them. Shhh!

See who spilled the beans ...

*Spoiler Alert*


Six people sang like a canary and three said mum's the word.

It came down to Michael and Regina. They had one final test: To stop a fake drunk man from driving. Regina said something and seemed visibly concerned. Michael said nothing and even mocked the drunk man. Obvi, Michael ended up going home.

So back to the secrets ... some people think that keeping a secret means telling absolutely no one while others, like me, think that it's okay to share it with your sig-o.

My friends know that when they tell me a secret, it's implied that Yachtz (my boyfriend) will know -- although he's also sworn to secrecy.

And of course, I get in big trouble if he gossips about said secret.

What do you think ... do you tell secrets or gossip with your sig-o?

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