Tattooed Beauties: Moms With Ink


mom tattoos son
Me with my son
I love tattoos. I've been thinking about what I am going to get in honor of my kids, so I've been checking out what other moms have done and also just looking at all the beautiful tattoos on moms in the CafeMom community and beyond.

I have some tattoos already. My arm has the om in the center, which symbolizes the unity of all religions, and it's also the first sound. Around it is an open lotus and then there is a dragon that wraps around that with several cherry blossoms.

Check out some other tattoos on moms ...






Bren07's tattoos are for her boys. So sweet! The one in the middle is for her oldest son. It's his birth footprint with his name, David Isaiah, and his birth date 6-2-07. The other one is a little lion cub sitting on a water lily for her youngest son with his name Landon Xtofer and birth date 7-25-09.

mom tattoos
Bren07's tattoos for her sons

This was the first tattoo purpleducky got. It represents her family and her husband has a matching one. The two hearts represent them as a couple and the zodiac symbols represent their sons. It was designed by her, mimicking her wedding ring. Great colors -- I love that it isn't outlined in black.

family tattoo
purpleducky's family tattoo

These pretty tattoos on littleonions have the footprints of both her children with their names. Letha's tattoo is on her right ribcage and, just like her birth, it hurt more than Leland's on her left.

mom tattoo
littleonions baby footprints tattoo
mom tattoo
littleonions' tattoo for her daughter








I love tattoos on the back of the neck (I have one there, too!) and RanaAurora has a really pretty one back there.

neck tattoo
RanaAurora's neck tattoo

Do you have a tattoo and want to be featured? If so, leave a comment and I'll be in touch!

What kind of tattoos do you have?

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I really love purpleducky's tattooes ... I had the same horoscope idea for when I have kids, but I also love that she did one for her and her husband.

Right now, I just have one, but I'm getting one next month on the back of my neck (July 3rd), exactly where RanaAurora has hers. Hope it doesn't hurt!

LoriA... LoriAnn87

I have 4 tattoos and one of my tatts is for my husband and I have memorial tatto for a friend that passed away. I want to get a tattoo for my son and I think about getting a dragon with the dragon holding a bannger with his name on it.

madfoot madfoot

I'd love to do this, but I feel like there are some women tats look great on (Hi, Michelle and my sister Emily!) and some that just can't carry it off (Hi, me!).

But I have beent thinking how much I love the way my toddler brings me a pen every morning and yells "bah BAAAH!" so that I'll draw little matching butterflies on our hands, and I am so tempted to get a wee tattoo of one. Like really tempted.

My fave mom tattoo was one I saw when I was pregnant with P -- a mom had taken a little drawing by her toddler and had that made into a tattoo. The minute I saw it on her arm, I knew it was her kids' drawing -- what a fantastic idea! I wish I had taken a picture. BTW, her "toddler" was standing next to her at the cash register -- he was in high school. This being San Francisco, he just gave an indulgent eye-roll as she and I kvelled over the tat. So cute.

jeann... jeannesager

I love tats . . . on other people :).

I'm just too much of a wuss about pain. Note only giving birth once! But seriously, love Moms who have tats.

purpl... purpleducky

I feel honored you used my one tattoo. Thank you!

ethan... ethans_momma06

I wish I could tat- these ones look so awesome! Unf. it goes against my religious beleifs, so I just have to admire yours instead!

RanaA... RanaAurora

I just have one, but I'm getting one next month on the back of my neck (July 3rd), exactly where RanaAurora has hers. Hope it doesn't hurt! NYCBrit

Honestly, I didn't think it hurt AT ALL!  I know that sounds crazy, but it was ALMOST nice.  My ANKLE on the other hand WAS painful, especially the outline.
The next tattoo I get will be very meaningful.  I want the Celtic Tree of Life with my children's names incorporated somehow in the Runic alphabet.

Michele, I love your tattoos.  I'm very jealous.  I'm not a fan of written words and don't like footprint tattoos though.  Never have.

JesssM JesssM

I am dying to get a tattoo but am pregnant and then will probably breastfeed for a long time, so I have to wait.  On the bright side, that gives me time to decide on a design!

Emmy_... Emmy_Dollface

I have 2 tattoos right now. One is a blue koi on my right thigh. My dad and I both got koi tattoos when I turned 18. My second is on my left arm and is Beetlejuice and Lydia. My DD gets her name from that movie (Lydia) and it fits her so well.

Cafe... Cafe MicheleZ

Agree with Rana, Brit. Back of neck didn't hurt at all for me. Ankle hurt and inside of wrist was the worst. 

Rana, my curtains in the babies' room is the a print of the tree of life. Love it!

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