Clinique's Dark Spot Corrector: Does It Work?

Clinique Even Better Spot Corrector, $49.50
Clinique's Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector promises to create "a visible reduction in dark spots, age spots, and traces of acne past."

But at $49.50 for a bottle, you want to know for certain that it works before you buy it, right?

Well, my friend Diane has been using it for just one week.

Here's what she had to say ...

"I had some dark spots along my jaw line, probably from pregnancies and being lax about sunscreen," she wrote. "This stuff is amazing. I am on day three and the dark spots are reduced in size and darkness. I have upped my use of SPF 30 on my face to keep them from coming back." 

Good to know, Diane!

And she's not the only one with a glowing report. Check out this review from StyleList.

So now that you've heard these reviews, what do you think? Is this something you'd try?



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mandy... mandyhornbuckle

Interesting... wonder if it would take care of dark circles under the eyes. :)

Julie... Julieryanevans

I've been dying to try it!  glad to know it works.

lovin... lovinangels

I think the one neutragena makes is probably just as good, and thirty dollars cheaper.

Linds... LindsayFerrier

I've been wondering if it would work on a small brown birthmark I have on my face...

If it worked on dark circles, that would be AWESOME. 

CeCeSays CeCeSays

I was reluctant to spend the money... but, I promised my husband that I would treat myself to something once a week for 6 months. Let me tell you, I have had dark under eye circles since college and I have three scars on my neck from a surgical procedure that bother the crabcakes out of me. Within 3 weeks of using this stuff.. I can barely see the scars (three puncture wound type scars .. very brown) and my dark circles are gone. This spot corrector is now my second favorite thing Clinique has come out with.   My number one will always be my black honey gloss stick. :)

Linds... LindsayFerrier

It DOES get rid of dark circles?!


nonmember avatar Liz

I will give it try too, especailly consider my birthday is coming. I have some dark spots on my face due to sun block neglect.

Carey... Carey2006

I might try it...I love Clinique!

frysh... fryshannon34

Too expensive for me but I dont have any dark spots that I need to get rid of either

CeCeSays CeCeSays

I have a creole/cajun heritage and one of the "blessings" happens to be super naturally dark under eyes.. and I have no need for concealer now. BUY it! (not that you aren't envy inducing beautiful, Lindsay)

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