Shrek Wedding

Shrek Wedding
Photo by Splash News
Most of us put a lot of thought into what we wore on our wedding day.


And why not? The photos from that major event are some of the most treasured in any family's collection.


So you have to wonder what the children of this pair are going to think about mom and dad's Shrek wedding.


That's right. This couple from Wales got hitched Shrek-style recently- and from the looks of things, it will certainly be a day they'll always remember.


But there's one thing about this photo that's really bothering me ... aside from the obvious ...



Why didn't ... uhhhh ... Fiona ... paint her hands and feet?

I mean, if you're going to go green, GO ALL THE WAY WITH IT. Am I right?

So let this be an important style lesson, ladies. The next time you dress as an ogre, don't forget those hands and feet!

What do you think of this happy couple? Are you green with envy?

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