Bubble Shorts: The Latest Sign Armageddon is Approaching

Forever21.com, $14.99


This morning, when I logged onto Facebook, these "Bow Pleated Shorts" (14.99, Forever 21) were waiting for me on my profile page.

Beside them was a message from my Facebook friend Stephanie.

"Saw these and thought you'd be able to a) pull them off or b) have the same pure and utter distaste as me and comment," she wrote.

Let's go with b.

I mean, take a look at these shorts. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?




They look like diapers!

And that is not okay!

Bubble shorts showed up on the Spring runways right alongside underwear-as-shorts. Underwear as shorts, you say?

Alexander Wang Spring 2010
Fernanda Calfat/ Getty Images
Oh, yes. This was Alexander Wang's interpretation of the look and plenty of other designers had the same idea for this season.

Fortunately, bubble shorts haven't taken off the way I guess designers had hoped they would. (Underwear as shorts? That's a different story.) And, Forever 21 excluded, if you want to buy a pair, you're going to have to shell out a lot of dough. This is a very "high end" look.

Bubble Shorts
Neiman Marcus, $595 Yes. $595

Most bubble shorts I found ranged anywhere from $100 to $595, like these $595 Gunex CUC Pleated Shorts from Neiman Marcus.

Sorry. Didn't mean to burst your bubble.

I have a rule of thumb for these kinds of trends. If they would look good on a two-year-old girl, I think I should perhaps avoid them.

But maybe I'm being fussy and old fashioned. What do you think of bubble shorts? Are you ordering yourself a pair right this moment?

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