Hot Outfits for Summer Days

t-shirt dress summer
ModCloth; $24.99
I was inspired to share my ultimate summer outfit by Jezebel's, Dress Code: How to Not Look Like Crap When It's Hot.

While Sadie has a ton of tips on casual, formal, office and just giving in to the heat that you should really check out, I've found my love for the summer: the t-shirt dress.

In fact, I plan on buying five of these and becoming as predictable as possible.


A new challenge I have now that I live in Southern California, is the nighttime chill. So while I wear the t-shirt dress all day long, if I head out past 5pm, I throw on a pair of leggings and grab a trench to give me that extra warmth when the sun goes down.

I love the tee dress because I feel more covered up than the sleeveless dress on days I don't feel like maintaining my summer skin, if you get my drift. It also feels like I'm slipping on my most comfortable t-shirt but I have the added bonus of looking semi-professional.

I don't think I'm ever going to wear anything else. At least not until people start talking.

Seaside Park Dress ($24.99) -- ModCloth

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