Rock Sarah Jessica Parker's Look

Sarah Jessica Parker
Photo by Splash News

Sarah Jessica Parker looked so cute at a recent appearance on David Letterman's show (well, aside from a little needed touch up on her roots), but do you know what I love most of all about her look?

You can totally replicate it at your local mall!

Seriously, girls. I was at the mall today and there were a plethora of white blazers, LZDs (Little Zebra Dresses), Do Me heels, and crossbody bags, all on the sale racks.


Need me to be more specific? No prob. Here's how to get this look on your own -- at a fraction of the cost.






Zebra Dress, $47.60
Let's start off this look with the zebra dress. Seriously. They are EVERYWHERE in the malls right now and almost all of them would work uner a blazer. This Speechless® zebra satin strapless dress($47.60, Kohls) is a cute option, but there are plenty to choose from.


Boyfriend Jacket, $59
You can't beat this cute Signature Ponté Knit Collection: Boyfriend Jacket (Spiegel, $59) for the price. I love it!


Two Lips, $54.97
I found these Two Lips Women's Selena Platform Sandals ($54.97) for a nice price right off the bat, but any bright stilettos will do, and the department stores are swarming with them, dahlings.


Crossbody Bag
Nordstrom, $22
Top off the look with a cute crossbody bag like this Lulu Mini Crossbody Bag ($22, Nordstrom) ...


Gold Cuff
Max & Chloe, $45
And punctuate it with a set of matching gold cuffs, like this Diana Warner NYC 18k Gold Signature Cuff (Max & Chloe, $45 apiece).

And voila! You're a dead ringer for Sarah Jessica Parker! WOOT.

What do you think of SJP's outfit? Would you wear it?

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