Tan Through Swimwear: Have You Tried It?

tan through swimsuit
Bermuda Bathing Suit;Cooltan.com
I've only spent one day so far this season in a bikini, and already I've got tan lines streaking across my body. Argh.

So you can imagine how quick my ears perked up when our copyeditor, Jill, told me about the tan through swimwear that she owns.


Apparently, the fabric is made with a special knitting technology, creating millions of tiny pores in the fabric, allowing about as much sunlight to pass through as you'd get wearing a medium level sunscreen. 

While there's only a handful of swimsuits on the Cool Tan Swimsuits website that are fashionable enough for me to actually wear, I like the idea if I'm planning on being on the beach for only a couple of hours. The thought of having to strip down to reapply my sunscreen does not sound appealing.

Nor do burnt nipples. Ouch!

Have you tried the tan through swimsuits? Did they work for you?



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