Creamy Eyeliner -- Better Than Shadow?

Cream to Powder Eyeliner;
Christopher Drummond Beauty
I'm strictly an eyeliner girl.

My hand-eye coordination has never been able to master shadow.

It gets in places it shouldn't and I end up looking like Uncle Fester.

So, I stick to liner and just smudge it a little for a faux smoky shadow look.

My makeup bag is filled with liners already but I'm craving this velvety-looking Cream to Powder Eyeliner ($22.50) from Christopher Drummond Beauty.

Here's why ...


The liner has a creamy base that turns semi-powdery when you add to your lids. So it's a liner and a shadow.

You can use it solely as a liner or pull my trick and smudge it. Plus, it's great to define your eyebrows too if you've plucked too much.

And surprise! It's 100 percent natural, vegan, and made with organic ingredients.

They comply with the EU Cosmetic Directive, which is stricter than the US's -- so you know it's safe.

There is a whole line of face, lip, and eye products as well as synthetic brushes -- no animals harmed to make them.

Do you use creamy eyeliner?

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