BaByliss: Worth the Money?

Babyliss, $88
Suddenly, it seems like I'm hearing the name BaByliss everywhere.

"I have a BaByliss Pro Titanium, it gets up to 450 degrees," reader Erin wrote on my Facebook page recently. "It straightens my hair wonderfully and quicker than anything else I've used."

"Your stylist should be able to purchase a BaByliss for you at a high-end supply store," added reader Paula. "Just ask ... but be prepared to pay lots of money. They really do make a difference."

Even Padma Lakshmi told InStyle Magazine that BaByliss hot rollers are the secret to her gorgeous curls.

What gives?


I took a look at the BaByliss website, which states that its products use tourmaline and ceramic technologies to produce smooth, shiny hair. "Tourmaline produces far-infrared heat that delivers faster styling times and releases natural ions to combat static and frizz," the website added. "Combined with ceramic technology that ensures maximum heat efficiency, these two innovations unite to deliver unprecedented styling performance in a beautifully styled tool."

Sounds good, but is it worth the close to $100 price tag for the average BaByliss straightener?

YES, according to my readers and reviewers.

"I had never seen my hair so shiny or straight after straightening it with this BaByliss the first time," gushed one reviewer.

"I have problem hair, naturally frizzy and wavy ... the iron smoothed my hair very quickly and I love the results," wrote another.

I personally haven't tried a BaByliss straightener; however, I had an inexpensive Revlon ceramic straightener for years and doubted a more expensive version would make much of a difference on my hair.

Boy, was I wrong. I received an expensive tourmaline straightener in a swag bag at the BlogHer conference last year and the difference when I used it was amazing. My naturally straight hair was like a sheet of silk after using the tourmaline straightener. It actually looked better with the straightener than it did on its own -- straight!

Babyliss, $35.86

I'm even more interested in the Conair BaByliss Pro Ceramic 20 Roller Hairsetter (, $35.86), which also got great reviews from shoppers.

Don't tell anyone, but I'm still using the same set of hot rollers that I used in high school! I think it's time for an update.

In the meantime, I'd love to know what you think about BaByliss products. Are you a fan? Are they worth the money? Which products do you swear by to straighten/curl your hair?

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