Turn a Sarong Into a Sexy One Shoulder Dress

Flickr photo by Alex.ch
It's happened to all of us at some point or another: Your day at the beach runs long because the kids are having fun and now everyone's hungry. You want to go out to dinner, but all you have is your bathing suit and a sarong.

Never fear! You can turn your sarong into a fashionable dress that will look great even with that old pair of flip-flops.

All you need is a full-sized sarong, a couple of safety pins, and your husband's hand. (For help!)


Step 1:
Hold two ends of the sarong behind you so that it’s stretched evenly against your back, hanging from your armpits down.

Step 2:
Bring one corner forward and cross it in front of you to your opposite shoulder.

Step 3:
Pull that corner over your shoulder and have your husband pin it to the back of your sarong.

If you’re wearing a bathing suit with shoulder straps, knot the corner to a strap instead of pinning it to the sarong, and slide the knot over your shoulder toward your back.

Step 4:
Wrap the rest of the sarong around your body under your bustline.

Step 5:
Tuck the free end into a section that's tight against your body.

Step 6:
Pin it in place and strike a pose -- you’re done!

Watch this step-by-step Howcast video for more guidance.

It's so easy and totes cute!

Do you wear sarongs? Would you try this?

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