Hobo Bag: Cheap & Chic

hobo international janis bag yellow
Hobo International; $258
I've been coveting this Janis bag from Hobo International, but no matter how much I want it, my bank account is just not letting $258 vanish without a very, very, very good reason.

I know a great handbag is a good investment, but when I want something seasonal like this bright yellow bag, I just can't justify this kind of payout.


Luckily my wallet does approve of frequent trips to Target and their handbag selection continues to impress.

mossimo hobo bag yellow
Target; $19.99

I found this Mossimo Supply Hobo bag -- also in summertime yellow -- for only $19.99. Let's see, that leaves me with an extra $238.01 to put toward my summer dress fund. Woot!

Janis Bag ($258) -- Hobo International

Mossimo Supply Hobo ($19.99) -- Target

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