Daily Desire: After Sun Cooling Gel

after sun lotion
Sephora.com; $23.50
This past weekend, I slathered on the SPF 50 lotion while I was at the beach with friends.

Unfortunately, I missed some spots, and that sun was bru-tal.


I had the go-to thick, sticky, minty-smelling aloe vera gel -- I immediately popped into my fridge when I got home, slathering it on the burn once it chilled. Ahhh.

While it does the job, it's also very annoying to not be able to wear clothes for a good 30 minutes afterward thanks to the goopy stickiness.

A friend of mine uses Korres Yoghurt Cooling Gel and she swears by the stuff. It smells nice, not sticky, and does a heck of a job moisturizing.

Depending on how much I plan on going to the beach this summer, this might be a good product to have on hand.

What do you use for sunburns?

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