Daily Desire: Crest Whitening Strips

crest whitening strips
Crest Whitening Strips; $49.99
Three cups of coffee a day (at least) + approximately two glasses of wine a week = not so bright teeth.

Not good, I know. I could abstain from drinking my coffee and red wine, but that's just crazy talk, and since I can't go to the dentist every other month, Crest Whitening Strips sound like a pretty good option. 


The issue I've always had with trying these strips is that you have to use it every day for 14 days, and you can bet that at least one of those days I'll forget. And the price is kind of expensive. $50? Yikes.

But there are a few other tricks to getting whiter teeth. For example, you can chew sugar-free gum after eating because it helps remove buildup on your teeth. Or you can drink coffee out of a straw (though you'd look pretty silly) and swish water around in your mouth afterward.

What methods do you use to get whiter teeth?


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