Shrek Nail Polish: Will You Wear the Color of Ogre on Your Nails?

Shrek Nail Polish
Shrek Forever After Collection from

Just the other day, I was thinking to myself about the sorry state of my unpolished fingernails.


Oh Self, I thought, your nails would look so much better if you could just paint them the color of Ogre. Yes. A nice, Ogre-y green is all that's keeping your nails from fabulousness.


Well, the nail polish gods must have been listening!


Ogre-colored nail polish is FINALLY HERE!




It's all thanks to nail polish giant OPI, which recently debuted its Shrek Forever After nail polish collection. The colors include a Cookie Monsteresque shade called Ogre the Top Blue and what's sure to be the best-seller of the group, a puke-green shade called Who the Shrek Are You?

Now, I'm left wondering who out there is going to buy this color of nail polish. Would you?


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