Alicia Keys -- On Stage vs. Red Carpet

alicia keys
Photo by Dave Hogan/Getty
alicia keys
Photo by Dave Hogan/Getty















Last week, newly pregnant Alicia Keys attended and performed at the Keep a Child Alive Black Ball.

She had been on bump watch for a while, and at this point, she was still making people guess -- is she or isn't she?

She walked the red carpet and also performed sporting two drastically different ensembles.

I'm partial to one particular look. Are you?


The on stage black dress better suits her body. It's a bit baggy but we suspect she was hoping to keep that little baby tummy under wraps.

And can we just talk about those shoes for a moment?! Wowsa! Super-hot and sexy for the mama-to-be.

I like the red carpet dress but I don't love it on her. Although she got it right by accentuating her tiny waist, the top and base are just too much. She looks like a cupcake. Sorry, Alicia.

I think she should stick to her sultry diva look she wears so well.

I can totally see Sarah Jessica Parker pulling off this red carpet look though. I just like Alicia better in slinky black.

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