Gwen Stefani & Son Zuma Have Matching Hair Color

Gwen Stefani Zuma Rossdale
Photo by Splash News
Gwen Stefani could have taken her son, Zuma (21 months old), to her hairstylist and said, "Dye my hair so it's this color."

Baby blonde. Gorgeous for summer. Gorgeous anytime, really.

Oh and isn't this kid adorable?

This kind of white blonde looks so great on Gwen. Well, anything looks great on Gwen, but it's a super-cool color.

And a tough color to achieve.

Tons of bleach?


And you need a stylist who really knows what she's doing.


I have dark brown hair, but it did change to a light brown when I was an infant. It eventually went back to dark brown.

My son's hair is blonde and my daughter's hair is a very light brown. I wonder if their locks will change as they get older -- they're just 6 months old.

Does your hair color match your child's -- either naturally or by the box?

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