Padma Lakshmi's Hair Recipe: I Try It Out

Padma Lakshmi
Photo by Andrew H. Walker/ Getty

Padma Lakshmi may well have the most beautiful hair in Hollywood.

So when I saw her "Gorgeous Hair Recipe" in a recent InStyle magazine, I wondered: Could getting Padma's luscious locks really be as easy as she claimed?

I was determined to find out.





The magazine blurb recommended that I spritz my hair with volumizer (I used Suave Volumizing Root Lifter Spray Gel, $2.77 -- a freebie from my fabulous hair party several months ago).

Next, Padma rolls her hair up, not under. This was a trick I'd never tried before. She uses large rollers on top for loose waves and smaller ones underneath for volume. I followed her lead and ...


Lindsay Ferrier
Hot Rolling, Padma Style
After about 30 minutes, I took out the rollers, shook out my hair, and asked myself ...


Here was the result.

Lindsay Ferrier
To be honest, it didn't really look any different from when I roll my hair under with curlers. But I liked Padma's mini Snooki pouf, so I added that to my look. And then I went downstairs in my new J.Crew maxi dress, all ready for a date night.

"Whoa," Hub said (and not in a nice way). "You look like you came ... straight out of a romance novel or something."

Apparently, Padma is an acquired taste. But it's one he'll have to get used to. I like Padma's Gorgeous Hair Recipe, and I plan to whip it up now on a regular basis.

What do you think? Will you try it?

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