Underwear as Outerwear: The Look Goes Mainstream


Miley Cyrus
Photo by Splash News

We've all seen short shorts on teenagers, but have you noticed that lately they're ...




Boyshorts, once reserved for lingerie departments and Victoria's Secret catalogs, now are barely covering the derrieres of celebrities like Miley Cyrus  and, as you will see after the jump, even normal, everyday people.


And I couldn't be more appalled.





It all started with the spring runway shows in New York. Everyone from Marc Jacobs to Donna Karan featured variations of the underwear-as-outerwear look, and at first, fashion insiders predicted the trend would never fly with real women.

If only they'd been right.

Lately, I'm seeing these panty-like shorts popping up everywhere, from fashion magazines to... well... I won't tell you where I took this photo because I don't want to give this woman's identity away, -- let's just say it was at a hotspot here in Nashville. And she's not the only person I've seen wearing them.

Short Shorts
She wears short shorts. Unfortunately.

The bad news is that if you haven't seen this look out and about, you're going to. Be prepared to shield your children's eyes.

The good news? Now you can throw a shirt on over your Spanx and you're good to go!

What do you think of these shorter-than-short shorts?

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