Stylish Crocs: Shoe Porn at Its Kinkiest

crocs sandals
Hanalei Crocs; Zappos
crocs sandals
Hanalei Crocs; Zappos










I've done my fair share of knocking Crocs. These shoes are just not my style, but I know they are super-comfy. And I know some ladies who wear them and look fabulous. But I found a pair of Crocs sandals that I would actually wear. I even considered buying them!

Foot, or shall I say shoe, in mouth.


The red Hanalei Crocs ($54.95) are so vibrant and would look great with a simple black summer dress.

The brown pair would match with just about anything. They also come in all black.

Three-inch heel, one-inch platform, and a cushy sole so your feet won't hurt -- too good to be true? I guess not. People are raving about them and say they are lightweight to boot.

It's about time comfort and fashion collide.

What do you think of these Crocs sandals?

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