Beach Babe Hair: Get the Look

Flickr photo by slettvet
Don't you just love the way your hair looks at the beach?!

I have super-fine hair, so the extra humidity does wonders for my limp mane.

I long for the extra curls and just enough wind to make my tresses piecey.

Plus, the smell ... mmmm! Salty, sea water, beachiness.

The only downside: You can't get that look and smell every day.

The upside: There are a ton of hair products out there that try to replicate that look.


Try Bumble and Bumble's Sun Spray ($22). It gives volume and piecey waves. Watch as they take limp, fine, short hair into a sexy ready-for-a-romp-in-the-sand look.

Or apply Frederic Fekkai's Coiff Oceanique Touseled Wave Spray ($23) to dry strands for instant beachiness.

A trick I do is to blow dry the top of my hair really thoroughly and leave the bottom hair slightly damp. Twist it up into a French twist-like 'do and clamp with a claw or bobby pins.

Let dry for about 30 minutes and undo the twist. You should have slight waves. Add pomade or styling creme to your tresses by scrunching upward. Spray with a flexible hold hairspray and voila! Beach waves!

Do you like the beach wave look?

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