Sex and the City 2 Premiere Party: What Should I Wear?!

Lindsay Ferrier
Should I Wear This?
Tonight, I'm going to the Nashville premiere of Sex and the City 2-- or at least to the party afterward. That's what REALLY matters, right?

"Local celebrities" will be there. This being Nashville, that could be anyone, from American Idol contestants to country musicians to movie stars. (You do know Nicole Kidman and Sheryl Crow live here, right?)

The only problem I'm having is deciding what to wear.


Here are the three looks I'm considering... You can vote on your favorite, and I'll wear it tonight!













I'm leaning toward the black and white polka dot ruffled dress pictured above, which I got from Forever 21 several months ago. It just screams Sex and the City, don't you think?


Lindsay Ferrier
Paging Carrie Bradshaw...
But maybe I should be a little more fashion forward- and show a little less leg. This vintage Ralph Lauren dress (I bought it for an engagement party eight years ago!) is back in style again and it just screams CARRIE BRADSHAW!


Or perhaps I should go the Charlotte route and wear this simple, tailored Calvin Klein dress. I'll leave my hair down if I wear it.

Tell me what to wear, girls!

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EDITED TO ADD: Thanks so much for all your votes and your help! Here's what I ended up wearing. There was a slight change to the proposed hairstyle - I didn't want to look like I was "trying too hard!"

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