Product Review: A Lands' End ShapeWear Swimsuit

Swimsuit, $89.50
I'll admit I've been dying to try the new shapewear swimsuits out there.

Spanx in a swimsuit?! Hellz yeah!

But the pricetags on these slimming suits have kept me away. Basically, I've been afraid to drop a Benjamin on something that may or may not make a difference in how I feel walking (not running!) at the swimming pool.

Lucky for me, Lands' End asked me to try any swimsuit I wanted from their website. They have a wide selection of swimsuits to choose from...


I was all over this assignment!





The swimsuit I ordered was the Lands' End Women's Regular Shapewear Solid Underwire Halter Tank Swimuit ($89.50).  Isn't it pretty?

I finally got a chance to wear it when we took the kids to the pool yesterday evening, in honor of my daughter's last day of kindergarten. It wasn't ordinarily a time I'd want to put on a swimsuit- we had just eaten dinner and I was feeling a bit bloated, to say the least.

But I was hoping my ShapeWear would take care of the problem. I struggled into it, much like I would struggle into my Spanx if I had some (and I DON'T! The Spanx in my underwear drawer are NOT mine and I don't know HOW they got there!), tied on the halter top, and felt...

Great! This swimsuit was definitely holding everything in place. It was also comfortable. For the first time in ages, I went to the pool without feeling self-conscious about how I looked in my swimsuit! SCORE.

Other huge benefits to this suit- it has terrific "stay-put" coverage in the crotch and rear- I think this is the first suit I've ever worn that didn't leave me wanting to check the mirror or tug down the back of it every five minutes.

Negatives? I wear a c-cup and in retrospect, I probably should have chosen a different neckline. I had to take the push up pads out of the swimsuit's bra, and even then I felt like I was spilling out of it. This particular cut is best suited for A and B cups, in my opinion.

I have also heard complaints that shapewear swimsuits are unbearably hot in the sun. That may be true, but it's not a consideration for me. I like to spend all my time in the pool anyway, and if my midsection gets sweaty, it's probably all for the best!

My final word? I only buy a swimsuit every couple of years, so paying extra for a shapewear swimsuit is totally worth it for me, given the benefits. And I'll definitely shop Lands' End for swimwear again. Lands' End has a huge selection that includes every shape and color swimsuit you can think of, and they even have plus sizes.

See you at the pool!

Do you have a shapewear swimsuit? Would you buy one?

Disclosure: I received a Lands' End swimsuit for review.

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