The $25 Dress: My Summer Uniform

Ann Taylor LOFT
My Summer Uniform
As much as I love the pastel cashmere cardigans, utility jackets, and leather featured in all the fashion magazines for spring, the reality is that I live in Nashville, where it's already 90 degrees outside each day and hummmmmiiiidddd.

It was time, therefore, to come to terms with reality, go to the mall, and buy a few new versions of My Summer Uniform.

Well, I found them -- even better, right now they're on sale at an unbelievable price.

Read on to find out how to make My Summer Uniform your own ...


Just about every woman has a Summer Uniform -- a go-to ensemble specifically designed for warm weather that's stylish, lightweight, and most importantly, washable.

Isabel Kallman
Isabel Kallman's Summer Uniform
My friend Isabel has been raving about her new Summer Uniform of skirt, scarf, and white button-down shirt, which she found in the new Lands' End Canvas catalog. I love her look. Don't you? But she lives in Manhattan. Down South, I need something even more, erm, sweat-friendly.

I stopped by LOFT at the mall yesterday to find an entire rack of washable knit dresses -- all on sale for just $25 apiece. I bought two. Online, LOFT has other variations of these dresses on sale for $25 as well. I bought two more!

Don't call me a spendthrift -- I have a long history with LOFT summer dresses, and buy between two and four (on sale, of course) each year. These dresses generally last several seasons, they hold up well in the wash, they're perfect for those hot, sweaty days of summer, they work for all occasions, and I get compliments every time I wear them.

Here are a few of my favorites:

LOFT dress, $25This LOFT Smocked Knit Dress is probably my favorite of the $25 dresses. I love it so much that I have it in three different colors! It's very flattering on, and the one I bought last year still looks fantastic -- even though I wore it at least once a week all summer.


LOFT dress, $25
I bought this LOFT Knit Empire Dress ($25) yesterday and am wearing it now! It's super-cute and I love it in this blue violet color.


LOFT dress, $25
This Empire Dress With Pleats ($25) is the same as the one I'm wearing in the photo above. It's cut like a cocktail dress, but totally comfortable! LOVE.

If you like these dresses and you live near a LOFT store, be sure and stop by for a look. My local store had several $25 dress options that are no longer available online -- conversely, the LOFT website has $25 dresses available that weren't in the store.

And now you know what I'll be wearing this summer!

I want to know about your Summer Uniform. What's your warm weather go-to outfit?

UPDATE: The $25 sale is over today (5/28), however you can now get 40% off your entire LOFT order today through Monday with the code 40SAVE!

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