The Brazilian Bikini Wax -- Would You Dare?

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About a year ago, I finally did something I'd been curious about for years.

I got a Brazilian bikini wax.

And yes, it was every bit as awkward and frightening as I'd been led to believe.

You can read the intimate and awkward details of the experience in this column I wrote about getting a Brazilian wax.

In short, though, I lay down on a table, exposed it all to a total stranger (who was one of the best in town, by the way -- I'm not going the bargain route when it comes to my hoo ha!), and endured hot wax being poured you-know-where and then ripped off. It didn't end until every last hair was gone.

Honestly, it sounds like some sort of ancient torture technique, doesn't it?

One year later, I haven't been back. Want to know why?

For one thing, I didn't think it looked that great. I felt especially naked and vulnerable when I was ... naked and vulnerable.

For another, when I read that I could go four to six weeks between waxings, I had thought I'd remain completely bare for the majority of that time.

Um, no.

Er, regrowth, you know, returned, within a few days

For me, that was a deal-breaker. If I'm going to spend $90 on hair removal, I want the removal to last longer than that.

The upside of this story is that we went to the beach shortly after I got the Brazilian and for the first time, I was bikini-ready (or in my case, one-piece-ready) without having to do a thing. It was a great feeling.

We're planning another beach trip this summer, and if that happens, I will definitely go in for another Brazilian. It will be worth it for that week alone.

Therefore, I would heartily recommend the Brazilian bikini wax for those of you who are going to the beach or spending a lot of time at the pool this summer, those who want to surprise your husbands in the bedroom, and those of you who make adult movies for a living.

Otherwise? Not worth it.

What do you think about the Brazilian wax? Have you done it? Would you?

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nonmember avatar Ana

I've done it and aside from the actual process, I LOVE it!  Although I didn't experience hair growing back until about 2 weeks after.  The more you go, the less it grows back.  I was fortunate enough that when I was living in LA the lady I went to, who was a major pro, only charged $20 so that helped in making something I could do regularly.

kalisah kalisah

The hair will start to come back a lot more slowly if you keep it waxed. (Also, it's no where near as painful as when it's full.) It will become much thinner, and finer and much more sparse.

nonmember avatar brittney

Hard wax.

Hard wax.

Hard wax.

Hard wax is the way to go. It takes less time. It hurts less. And you stay bare for much, much longer. And no ingrowns.

I get a hard wax for $30 in San Francisco. See if you can find something similar in Nashville. I swear it is worth it.

Cafe Kim Cafe Kim

Funny post. Also, my friend who owns a waxing salon always tells her clients who are scared: if you do it gradually -- a little more each month until it's all gone -- it's less of a shock.

nonmember avatar Mandy

Ugh. So much pain. I've never had it done, and I am sure as heck not dropping my pants for a stranger so they can do THAT to me. Yikes. I will admit that I did try it and home once and the results were PAINFUL. I got one wax strip on and almost DIED when I ripped it off. THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS AN EYEBROW WAX, evidently. I'll stick to shaving for the beach, thank you.

nonmember avatar Kelly

Oh, Lindsay.  I tried it.  And let's just say I haven't done it again.  I blogged about it, too.

The regrowth was the biggest reason I haven't done it again.  Why go thru that pain only to be stubbly in mere days?

nonmember avatar Mandy

NO. I tried it at home once and it was SUPER painful. Waxing THAT is not the same as waxing your eyebrows, evidently. Because I'm a big fan of the eyebrow wax. It's relaxing, even! So, no, I'm sure not going to have a stranger to THAT to me. From what I understand, they don't even buy you dinner first. I'll stick with shaving for the beach, thank you.

nonmember avatar Dee

I remember reading your column and thinking that you were crazy then but now you're considering doing it again??!!  Nope, there is no way that I am EVER going to get that done!  I think I'll just wear a skirted bathing suit...that solves that problem! :)

nonmember avatar amishpromqueen

I agree with Kalisah, after a while the growth is definitely slower and thinner and its less painful. But I'm still trying to get over the $90. It's around $50 here in Pennsylvania.

Linds... LindsayFerrier

kalisah, I personally didn't like the sparse look. I felt like a plucked chicken.  :D

And Cafe Kim, that's good advice, but for the money, if I'm getting waxed, I'm going all the way the very first time- no matter how painful!  :D

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