Daily Desire: Finley Hair Powder

hair powder
Finley Hair Powder; $18
Sometimes, the mornings just do not work out like they're supposed to. The alarm didn't go off, the kids are being extra difficult, there was a mini crisis that needed to be dealt with ... whatever the situation may be.


I can't count the times that I've jumped out of bed in a frenzy 10 minutes after I was supposed to leave the house because I accidentally set my alarm for PM instead of AM. Shower? I barely have time to throw on clothes!

A beauty trick that I've often used is baby powder to keep my hair from looking greasy in these circumstances; however, you have to be super-careful not to get it on your clothes, and make sure you rub it all in or risk looking like you have a serious dandruff problem. Both of these stipulations I often fall victim to because I'm in too much of a rush to pay attention.

Turns out, both of my issues can be resolved with a little beauty product called Finley hair powder. This hair powder comes in various shades and doesn't leave a stain on your clothes. I definitely want to try this out.

Have you ever tried a powder that's made specifically for hair? How about this particular brand of hair powder?

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