The Hi-Top Sneaker Revival

hi-top shoes
FreePeople; $98
Strolling around some of the more artsy neighborhoods in my city, I've always noticed how everyone wears skinny jeans with old-school hi-top sneakers

But now I'm seeing the look filter into other areas, no longer being donned only by the hipster kids. It's turned into a full-fledge trend.


This is one of those fads that I'm personally going to pass on ... again (unless you count my basketball shoes in the seventh grade).

You would think sneakers as a trend would have me jumping for joy (literally jumping because I'd be wearing sneakers). I can look chic and comfy? Hell yes! But the truth is, it's just not my cup of tea. Give me a pair of peep-toe pumps any day.

But designers, even those that are notoriously known for their sky-high heels, are jumping on the sportswear bandwagon. Christian Louboutin recently designed an edgy pair of studded sneaks, and the highly anticipated line from Jimmy Choo hit shelves just this past month.

Hello, we're back in 1993.

Do you have a pair of hi-tops? Do you think the hi-top trend will last?

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