Hair You Can Have: "The Onion"

My hair is stick straight. If the humidity is low, I can use hot rollers or a curling iron and get some results. If the humidity is high, fuggedaboutit.

So it was with great trepidation that I took the advice of a fashion magazine recently (which I now have misplaced, consarn it). The article instructed me to twist my freshly-washed wet hair and coil it like an onion on the top of my head. In the morning, I'd wake up with luscious waves.


It sounded to good to be true, but what did I have to lose? I figured if it looked horrible, I'd just wear it up. And with that in mind, last night, I washed my hair, sprayed a little spray gel on it, and modified "The Onion" a bit by parting my hair down the middle and creating four "onions" out of my hair (it's a ballet bun, really), two up high and two down low. I secured them with hairbands and exited the bathroom, ready for bed.

The buns looked basically like wet, mini-versions of this bun. Easy peasy. But not particularly attractive on my head.

"What the hell?" my husband demanded as I walked into the bedroom.

"It's fashion," I shrugged, and went to bed.

Yesterday morning, I was running very late for my daughter's field trip, so I didn't have much time for new hairstyles. Quickly, I undid the coils, flipped my hair over and fluffed it out, and here's what I got...

New 'Do
This look says, "OMG, I have like 5 seconds to take this picture I am running so late, OMG."

Considering that it took less than five minutes the night before to achieve, I sort of love it. It's a fantastic summer look- loose, messy, natural looking waves- and even on this majorly humid day, it stayed wavy all day long. All I did was spray a little aerosol spray gel on it before I left and I was good to go. I'd like to try Bumble+Bumble beach spray with this look- I think it would turn out even better.

I'd also like to have more than 30 seconds to style it. But that's the way it goes.

I recommend you try it out if you've got straight-as-an-arrow hair like mine- It's the perfect way to get crazy waves without spending 30 minutes to an hour trying to achieve them.

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