Style Inspiration: Tory Burch

Tory Burch hardly ever gets mentioned on this site, which is a shame because she is one of my absolute favorite clothing designers.


I mean, how could you not like this outfit?




Her clothing is pretty without being precious, uber-stylish, and just barely above my spending limit, with most pieces ranging between $200 and $400. That's why I'm not linking to the prices of any of these clothes.


Because I can't bear it.


I would dearly love this jacket, for example. I know I could give it a good home...



I would promise to never let sippy cups spill in this Tory Burch Tote...



I wouldn't go anywhere near muddy playgrounds in these fabulous thong sandals...



And I would never... Oh hell, who am I kidding? A white bag wouldn't last two days in this house. Still, a girl can dream... and I do regularly when it comes to Tory Burch's clothing and accessories. For fantastic style inspiration, check out the Tory Burch website here.


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