Right This Moment: Starlets Channel The Great Gatsby

Okay, so the annual Costume Institute Gala took place at the Met in NYC a few nights ago- It doesn't get nearly as much publicity as the Oscars, but it's just as much fun to see what all the starlets were wearing when the pictures are posted the next day.

This time, I couldn't help but notice a certain similarity in hairstyles- one I think you'll find interesting.


Hello, Marcel Wave! I didn't think I'd see you this season.

The Marcel Wave, also known as the finger wave, was popular back in the '20s and '30s. Marcel Waves were achieved with a curling iron, while finger waves came from, well, fingers and styling lotion. I'm assuming today's celebrity stylists are going the Marcel Wave route.

I could totally see Jennifer Aniston in this look!

I think Jessica Alba and Kate Bosworth look very pretty, but Kristen Stewart? Um. No. This might be a fun look to ask for if you're getting your hair styled for a special event. I loved reading these 1920s-era instructions on how to do a finger wave. The Marcel Wave instructions are just kind of scary.

Would you try out this 'do on your head or is it better left to the flappers of yore?

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