Help Desk: How Should I Wear My Scarf?

I have gotten several requests asking how to tie a scarf. Well friends, I'm here to help!

Or actually, Melanie of The Big Mama Blog is. She produced, directed and starred in this video last year and it may be the first blogger video that I've ever been able to watch in its entirety. And that's saying something, people, because it is almost ten minutes long! Melanie is that good!


Also? It has some great tips on scarf tying. This video actually taught me how to wear scarves- I watched it and have been wearing them ever since. Thanks, Melanie!

Scarf Tying 101 from Big Mama on Vimeo.

Melanie also recommended this video to me from Chic Critique, with even more cool ways to tie one on.

And finally, here's a cool how-to video from one of my favorite fashion sites, Not only does it show you how to wear your scarf, it also tells you what to wear it with- very valuable information!

Scarf wearing, one two three!

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