Yay or Nay: Denim Overall Cutoffs


I have witnessed a horrific trend lately and it appears to be spreading.


Remember this?


Yes, ladies, those butt ugly overall cutoffs are back, only designers are attempting to disguise them by calling them "denim rompers." Also? They're charging up to $328 for them.


But we women of a certain age know what they really are.

I am ashamed to admit that I owned a pair of denim cutoff overalls in eighth grade (although I never, ever wore them with one strap unlatched). Back then, I thought I was hot stuff. Now, though, I think back to that fashion atrocity and fear I might lose my lunch.

What do you think of the "denim romper?" Yay? Or nay?


Disclosure: I'm a compensated ShopStyle affiliate, but you'd better not buy that denim romper.


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