New Find: Lu Lu's

Ladies, have I got a fantastic new find for you today!

I just checked out, a website geared toward teenagers, and while the clothing selection is not quite our cup of tea, its jewelry, handbags and shoes are absolutely wonderful- and totally affordable! Here are just a few of my favorite things I found on the site...



I love this flowered bib necklace, which is just $23.



This jeweled flower headband is a perfectly elegant way to stay on top of the Victorian/floral trend- It's $37.



You won't find better looking bangles for the price. This set is just $16.


This long necklace with key and coin charms is so hot right now, and just $13.

Cute! Trendy! $32!

Love this bag. And love its $79 price tag.

I defy you to find a nude wedge for less. These are $32.


Check out Lu Lus for yourself. You'll LOVE it.


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