Style Inspiration: Anthropologie's May Catalog

If you're a regular She's Still Got It reader, you know that catalogs can be a great way to get style inspiration without spending money on fashion magazines. One of my favorites is Anthropologie. Here are a few inspiring images from their May catalog.


What I love about this outfit is the accessorizing. Take a basic dress, add a bright yellow belt and a coral bag and suddenly, you're totally fashion-forward.




I love the way this statement necklace dresses up a simple white shirt. DO IT.


Fantastic blouse. That is all.




This dress is so pretty and it's a color happens to look great with turquoise. In case you were wondering.



Want in on the denim trend? Pair a summer dress with that chambray shirt that's been hanging unworn in your closet for years. Anthropologie did it. So can you.



To see more looks or look into purchasing the ones here, check out Anthropologie's full catalog here.


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