Help Desk: Find Me a Stylish Bag that Can Hold All My Kids' Stuff!

SSGI reader Autumn needs help! Here's her fashion dilemma-

I don't have a "babies aren't with me" social bag. I grab whatever sort-of looks in-season. Usually from Target circa 2002.



I also have a bigger problem. Their school is in my building for work. I look like a baglady when I walk in.




On Mondays, I have a bag of supplies, bedding and lunch, my breastpump, stuff for work and pump parts. I've been taking my Storksak (with stuff I never use during the day, diapers, etc) and over stuffing it with my calendar and work papers, plus carrying a small cooler bag of pump parts. Summary: 1 baby in carrier on snap'n'go, 1 toddler carrying nothing, 1 overfilled diaper bag, 1 cooler bag, 1 messenger bag for baby, 1 tote bag for toddler, 1 backpack pump, and whatever else school throws at me: projects, challah on Friday, bedding, etc. I lost count again. And if I put anything under the carrier inthe snap-n-go, I can't get it back out.
I need solutions. Easy solutions. Stylish solutions.



So shopping master: Find me a bag for work. And if you have time, maybe a bag for days without kids (rare). Let's make the budget for both $300.

Okay, Autumn. Take a look...



Tori Spelling has found a way to cart her kids' gear around in style.



And Mary-Kate may be childless, but she's got the right idea here.



The fact is, you (and moms everywhere) are in luck. Dual bags are actually quite stylish right now, and I've seen several write-ups in magazines and online about how to wear them. If I were you, I would find two (or even three) bags in basic black- and make sure they are three different sizes and lengths so that you can "layer" the look when you need to and make it work.


First, find a crossbody bag like this one...


Your next bag should be shoulder length. This diaper bag is actually quite pretty, and it's $98 from Posh Tots.



I also love the shape of this tote. It's $149.09 from Latico Leathers.



Finally, your smallest bag should be your handbag. I would keep the handbag basic black to make things easy, however, this version comes in black, red, and turquoise so if you're dead set on some color, here you go. It's $89 from Macy's.



These are online options, but be sure and check TJ Maxx and Marshalls for low-cost versions of the big, black bag- They always have lots of overnight bags, totes, and crossbody bags and I'm betting you could find a few versions that you like. If you need more compartments than what your bag has to offer, create your own with smaller zipper bags that you can tuck inside your larger bags.


And there you go!


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