Hot Trend: Gingham

No longer a fabric limited to newborn babies and 50s housewives, gingham is back in style this season- and in small doses, I think it's quite stylish. Here are a few of my favorite incarnations of the trend...


Lots of designers are making gingham western shirts this season, but Gap has my favorite reasonably-priced take on the look. This shirt is $54.50 and also comes in red and navy. Love.




I believe I've featured these Converse gingham sneakers before on this blog- I just love them. They're $60 and also available in navy and white.




This $60 crossbody bag from Topshop is so retro-cool. It reminds me of my first lunchbox- red and white gingham on metal!




These black and white gingham shorts are basically da bomb. I can totally see these with a tailored black blazer or cardigan and white tee. They're just $15.80 at Forever 21.




Betsey Johnson has a fun take on the gingham trend with this "Picnic" necklace. $40 from Nordstrom.



Feeling a little more daring? I adore these Harajuku Lovers wedge sandals, $59.18 from ASOS.



This gingham jacket is looking a little grandmotherly as pictured, but undo those buttons, roll up the sleeves, and add a couple of thin layered tees, tailored black shorts and high heeled sandals... Bam! You're a total trendista. It's on sale for just $26.40 at Kohls.



I love, love, love this drawstring tote, $44 from Topshop.



Such a cute gingham skirt- and only $17.80 at Forever 21.



Does it even get any cuter than these red and white gingham slides? I think not! They're just $27.47 from Fred Perry, and also come in black and white.



So what do you think of this gingham craze?


Disclosure: I'm a compensated ShopStyle affiliate.

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