You Can Do This: Jessica Alba's Mom Chic


Remember how I said last week that I loved this look on Jessica Alba?


Well I meant it!


I found this shirt last weekend at Forever 21 for $6.80. It's a dead ringer for Jessica's. But all by itself, this is one boring mom uniform, don't you think? In fact, I look like I'm in mom prison. (And sometimes I feel that way, too.)


That's where the Lands End sale I told you about came in. I ordered a long yellow scarf like Jessica's...


...and voila!



Casual chic, thanks to J. Alb! Can you believe what a difference a yellow scarf makes? And do you like how I even simulated the patented Jessica Alba frown? Of course, all that fabric around my neck could feel like a little much in warmer weather, even though it's a lightweight linen.


I'm seeing lots of celebs wear their scarves this way now, too. It's a little more practical on a warm spring day. Oh, and my "crop pants?" Jeans from a few years back with the cuffs rolled up. You'll find your bootcut jeans will give you a nice full cuff when you "crop" them, which is very flattering!


Here's a similar look on Sarah Jessica. She takes an ordinary sleeveless tee and jeans, adds a scarf (and in her case, a trendy hat & boots, but I think the scarf would be enough), and looks fantastic!


What do you think of using a scarf to brighten up the "mom uniform?" Ooh la la or Send in the Clowns?


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