Yay or Nay: Double Cuffs


What does spring fashion have to do with Wonder Woman?



Cuff bracelets are big right now, and the most daring fashionistas are wearing one on each wrist. I particularly like Demi's take on the trend- Her cuffs really liven up what would otherwise be a boring white dress. And in general, the look isn't so "out there" that people would do a doubletake when they saw you in your matching cuffs.



However, if you're feeling a little more timid, you can always opt for a single cuff and still be at the top of your fashion game. Here are a few cuffs I like- single or double, it's up to you!


This beautiful cuff by one of my favorite jewelry designers, Amarita Singh, comes in gold and silver and is available at a fantastic sale price- $30 down from $70. WANT.


I would totally buy this turquoise cabachon cuff, which looks like a vintage piece from the '60s. Gorgeous, and $48 at Nordstrom.


For a more casual look, how about this beaded indian cuff, $17.24 from ASOS.



I think I might have to get a pair of these delicate filigree cuffs, just $13.49 apiece at Kohls.


This pretty flower cuff bracelet would look fantastic with a pastel shift dress.... $38 from Nordstrom.


Here are a few more favorites... Click on the picture for shopping information.


Disclosure: I'm a compensated ShopStyle affiliate.



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