Style Dare: PajamaJeans

You wanted it? You got it.

So many of you messaged and e-mailed me about PajamaJeans, the latest as-seen-on-TV fashion craze, that of course I had to order them and try them out for myself! In fact, I wrote my latest Her Nashville style column about the experience-- Check out the results (with pictures!) here.


Your e-mails actually made me decide to change up my column at Her Nashville a little bit. Since my most popular columns there have been the ones in which I've done something slightly... off-the-wall (i.e., wearing a Snuggie to lunch and going "bare floor,") I thought the column would be even more fun if I let you decide what I do next!

Leave a comment with a Style Dare (that's the new name of my column) and I'll choose one for my next column. There are a few guidelines to consider- My budget is around $50 or less per column, and I'm not going to do anything permanently ridiculous, like go bald or get a tattoo. Other than that, though, the sky's the limit.

So- What crazy trend would you like to see me try next? Socks with sandals? A bustier as outerwear? Vote in the comments, either here or over at (extra points if you comment there!).

I can't wait to see what you come up with!

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