Help Desk: Shorts

The weather is getting warmer, which means it's time to drop some of those layers and show some skin. Consequently, my inbox has been filling up with e-mails from readers like Emily...

Dear Lindsay,


Now that summertime is nearly here, I have a very important question. We know your view on capris, but what is your official stance on shorts? Are they a do or a don't? Or a sometimes-it-depends-on-the-shorts-and-also-your-legs? If you are not completely opposed to them, could you show us some examples?Inquiring minds want to know.


EmilyOrdinarily, I avoid shorts like the plague. However, this season, they're really hot, so I'm planning on buying a pair or two. If you're wondering how to wear them, I think J. Crew is really doing shorts right in its April catalog. Check out these stylish looks...

Of course, J. Crew is featuring its short shorts on its leggy models, but the truth is that J. Crew carries shorts in every imaginable length, so don't think you have to have long, lean legs to pull this look off (although obviously, IT HELPS). I am seeing shorts in every length from short to right above the knee. The key is to roll up the cuffs in order to make them look current.

And because the look is rolled up, I'll be taking a few pairs of khakis and jeans that I haven't worn lately and transforming them into shorts in order to save money- all you have to do this season is cut off the legs and roll up the cuffs to the desired length. In fact, I've already done this with the Dress Barn pair.

Inspired by J. Crew. But waaay cheaper.



As for longer lengths- Lee Jeans sent me a pair of Slender Secret stretch capris and I love everything about them (waistline, slim fit, comfortable, price...) except for the fact that they're... you know... CAPRIS. And you know how I feel about capris. But look! I simply cuffed them and now I have a hip, longer pair of shorts! I'll wear these all summer long.

Another tip when wearing shorts: Tinted moisturizer is your friend! You want your legs to look good if you're wearing shorts, so look for a decent tinted moisturizer for your legs at your supermarket/drugstore (I use Jergens in the summertime, which is about the cheapest one out there and looks great).


And finally, I wouldn't order shorts online unless you have experience with the brand. The wrong pair of shorts can really make you look wonky, so I'd recommend going to a mall and trying out a few different brands to find one that's flattering to your figure. Also, go NOW to get your shorts- More than once, I've decided I needed a pair of shorts in June or July, only to find that the stores were no longer carrying them. I don't think shorts are all that big of a seller, so they tend to offer them in the Spring and when they're gone, they're gone.

What about you, readers? Will you wear short shorts? Do you dare wear short shorts? Ha ha. Anyone remember that old Nair commercial? EARWORM.

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